Saturday, June 05, 2010


News : in 2010 Jonni has been shown twice, BM-3 and BOS-VET in Turku in January and BOB-VET, BOB in Lappeenranta in April. Bella has been competing in agility and been placed several times in top-3. Jonni has gotten few clear round results but is still missing one to qualify for this year's Finnish Championships. Jonni had his 10th birthday on the 22nd of April and Ruri became ONE YEAR on the 5th of May. He also was BOB in Lieksa on the 8th of May at the tender age on 12 months 3 days. He won his first CAC then also. We are now waiting for the summer to come. Below is a picture taken by Heta Ahtiainen and it is of Ruri. He is a handsome lad....

Monday, September 21, 2009


Lots has happened this year. Bella has been upgraded to Class 2 in agility and has gotten ger first Finnish CAC from shows by being BOS, Jonni has competed in both Finnish Agility Championships and Finnish Youth Agility Championships and has been placed in BOTH: 38th in the "real deal" and 5th in the Youth one. Sirkku led him in both and also in our Regional Championships where they were 3rd and in the Junior Cup Finals where they were 2nd !!! WOW ! And the dog is almost 9,5 years old !!! Ruri "Jonni's son" has become a BIG lad, and handsome like his dad. Picture below is taken when he was about 4 months old. Now he is approaching 5 months of age and we have started Rally Obedience and Obedience and are waiting for a puppy course. Also his first puppy show is just around the corner..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New kid on the block !

Long time no updates. Puppies were born on the 5th of May. There were 8 pups, but 3 were dead and one male died within a few days from the birth. 3 males and 1 bicth were lefth and among them one grey male. Who incidentally came to live with his dad !!! :-) So I have THREE VALLS now !!! His name is Ruri, Fennican Rurik Jonnisson, a VERY LIVELY and BOLD yong boy who is an absolutely leovely little thing !!! Everybody adores him and he is a quite a handful at times but I just love him to death !!! He is a stunner and has a lovely character. Who knows what will become of him when he grows up !!?
Below Ruri at about 3 months....

Friday, March 13, 2009


News: Jonni has bred FIN CH Hurradonet Östina Östanvind, Vindi. She has HD A and clear eyes certificate (from -08). Vindi has already one litter of 4 pups and one of those has been in shows already and getting a very good critique from Swedish judge Kurt Nilsson. Vindi is reddish brown and about 33 cm high. Both parents have tails so we are expecting tailled pups, both grey and reddish, in week 19 in kennel Fennican. Vindi is Swedish import and this combination's inbreeding COE is 0,20% in 5 generations. Vindi has a nice outgoing character which she has passed on to her pups. She is also a tough dog sho she has the "kick" to be a performance dog in many things, such as agility. Hopefully the pups from this litter will be good companions and also competitive dogs for showing and agility and obedience.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Some wintery picture of my beloved dogs:

We had a busy year in 2008. Jonni got 14 clear rounds in agility, participated in the Finnish Agility Individual Championships and got to the Finals with a clear run in the qualifying jumping course and a little after that he got himself the S AgCH -title that only 2 Valls in the whole world has attained until this day. His leader was Niina Leinonen in these competitions. I led him in our breed championships and we finished 3rd in the championships and 8th overall with a fiver. Later in the fall in our Regional Championhips Jonni won with his new leader, a 14-year-old Sirkku Kouki, who led Jonni to a double clear and they won the title with 0.33 secs difference to the 2nd placed dog ! A CLOSE CALL !!! In dog shows Jonni was BOB once, BOS 3 times, BOB-vet 2 and BOS-vet 2 times. In the WW-show in Stockholm he was 3rd in the Veteran Class with an EXCELLENT.
Bella competed in agility a lot more than last year and with improving results. She got ONE CLEAR ROUND (a qualifyer to Class 2) and few clear rounds with time faults, one of those in Boden, Sweden !!! She was placed 5 times and the best placing was 2nd in our own competitions ot the 6th of December. In unofficial competitions she also made clear rounds and even WON once. In shows she got mostly VERY GOOD as her results, the best being in WW-show, where she was awarded a red ribbon as being VERY GOOD !!! :-) I was SOOOO pleased !! Late in the fall Bella was MH-tested with good a result and she - again - proved to be ignorant to shooting. Just before Christmas Bella got seriously ill. She had some sort of stomach trouble and it started to look like that she would not survive. But to my relief she pulled through and is back to her normal self. I am SOOOO happy to have her with me. I love her so much and if I had lost her it would have been a big blow to me. I lost my beloved horse just before Christmas a year before and loosing Bella now would have been too much to handle. But luckily she is till among us !!!


Saturday, July 26, 2008


Hi. Sorry I have not updated this blog. SOOOOOOO much has happened this year. We have been to Sweden 3 times this year. In spring Jonni and Niina went to Haparanda to compete in agility. The result was 2 clear rounds but no S AgCAC. The next trip to Sweden was WDS in Stockholm in early July. There Jonni was 3rd in Veteran Class males with an EXCELLENT. Bella got Open Class VERY GOOD, which was great ! Bella had been shown twice before (this year) with results: GOOD and VERY GOOD. Jonni had been shown 3 times before, results: BOS (Ch class), BM-2 and BOB-vet (vet class) and BOB & BOB-vet (also in veteran class). In agility, too, both dogs have had nice results. Jonni managed to get enough clear rounds to qualify to Finnish Championships(in June)where he managed to get to the final round where he was DQ. Bella has done one clear round and her first result towards Class II !!! And we have been to podium twice, both in the 3rd place !!! And then to the third trip to Sweden. A weekend after WDS (in July) we went to Boden, Northern Sweden and competed in agility there. Bella's best result was a clear round with 11.98 secs over the deal time, our 3rd best result ever. Jonni did 3 clear rounds placing 5th twice and was 3rd in the INT agility class. With that result he FINALLY was awarded the S AgCAC thus he became the second SV ever to get the S AgCH title !!! Jonni is over 8 years old so this is a GREAT achievement !!! I am so lucky to own Jonni and also Bella has shown so much promise so I am a very lucky indeed !
Above is a picture of Jonni with his leader Niina after their victorious trip to Boden.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Winter has arrived !!

Winter has arrived !! We have over -10 Centigrades and the sun is shining ! The snow has covered the ground with a clean white blanket ! The nature shows it's best now !! It is beautiful outside !!! And the dogs are enjoying the snow !